The Bradshaw, with its deep padded divan base and twin-locking castors accommodates  ease of manoeuvrability   A five-way profiling action is fitted as standard and powered with a quiet and smooth motorised operation with an easy to use hand control. Both the top and bottom of the bed can easily be adjusted for comfort, movement in and out of bed and to aid circulation. Paired with the unique adjustable tension, this allows for a comfortable rest every time. The 25 stone capacity ensures anyone has access to this stylish design. This home-style bed assists sufferers of a range of mobility restrictions.  The range of profiling positions aids many users, including leg elevation which helps to reduce fluid and pressure in legs and ankles, and the sitting position which helps ease respiratory conditions.  The mattress is held securely by the strong and durable metal mattress retainer, to prevent it from sliding whilst the bed is profiling.

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