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Incontinence Aids

Incontinence is not an uncommon condition for people of all ages however some feel they are the only one with this problem and too embarrassed to seek help. From our experience we know it can be a distressing and a limiting condition.

We stock a comprehensive selection of Incontinence Products & Supplies. Our large range of incontinence care products range from Shaped Pads, Pads, Pull ups, and adult nappies. All our incontinence care products are available in a range of sizes and absorption to ensure you feel comfortable and protected.

If you can’t find what you are looking for then please call us on 01403 263 553 for impartial advice.

The Atlas Mobility incontinence disposable products range offers discreet shaped pads, large shaped pads, adult nappies & pull up pants.

Discreet Shaped Pads

Small, discreet shaped incontinence pads are designed for sufferers of light incontinence. They can be worn with regular underwear. They are soft to the skin, offer excellent protection and odour free.

Large Shaped Pads

Large shaped incontinence pads are designed for moderate to heavy incontinence. The large shaped pads are designed to offer superior levels of absorbency and can be worn with stretch support pants which hold them close to the body for a more secure fit.

Pull Up Pants

Disposable Pull Up Pants are an affordable and discreet way to manage incontinence. They are breathable, with a waterproof back sheet that encourages the flow of air, maximising skin integrity. They also all feature a super absorbent polymer, which makes them highly absorbent and neutralises odours. Various levels of absorbency are available to meet all needs.

Adult Nappies

Adult nappies are designed for heavy incontinence, allow the skin to breathe, neutralise odours whilst offering superior levels of absorbency. All this ensuring the wearer is confident and comfortable for all occasions.


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